Walk to Train | Conrad Zborowski

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The 22nd of April this year is hereby declared as the first Foresight Day. On this day last year, Ri4CTV was born. That was when it began to release on every calendar day a fresh video for the enjoyment of its viewers. Wow, what a year it’s been!

Hello viewers; greetings from Providence, Rhode Island!

One of the earliest videos on Ri4CTV is called Walk to Train. It’s a drone capture of Conrad Zborowski and his friend Matthew walking down College Hill to the train station. In celebration of Foresight Day, the video is re-released but as Episode 1 in Season 19 of the YouTube series NDBaker93.

Ever since the start, video releases are tracked by the web page Ri4CTV.com/Months. From there you can see the listing of all video releases every week. For example, the ten videos released by Ri4CTV in its first week are listed on this page here. Another example, those released during the week around the Foresight Day this year are listed on this page here.




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