The Story Begins

Homework with Norman

Coming soon is the 2021 book Norman D. Baker – Birth of a Leader. Written by Nickantony Quach, the book traces the journey a 25-year-old took to become a leader. Its audience is expected to be much younger. The book should teach middle-school students how to prepare in overcoming the black mountain of their social life.

As a side note, for those who are not familiar with the concept, you’re facing a black mountain of social life when you’re unable to keep others in your circle of friends as long as you want. Here are other examples. Friend groups are fragmented after a while. There are not enough friends. Or there is too much unwanted drama in life. Problems such as these are all referred to as the black mountain of social life.

The story began on October 4th, 2019 when Norman D. Baker (right) spent six hours in an on-camera conversation with Nickantony Quach (left). The result of the conversation is the first season of their YouTube series NDBaker93 on the channel Ri4CTV. On that day, as documented by the video The Story Begins, which is Episode 11 in Season 1 of the series, Norman declared what he truly wants to become: a global leader.

  • To become a global leader, Norman must take at least three key steps, the second of which is documented by the videos presented on this page here. The result of this step is the video How to Create a Deliberate Family, which is Episode 19 in Season 15 of NDBaker93.
  • As documented by the video What is Leadership? How to Lead?, which is Episode 12 in the same season, Norman took the first step when his definition of leadership was reconfigured while the video was filmed.
  • Hopefully, the third step will be carried out by Norman long before the book is published, perhaps in early 2021.

As it turned out, this is not a backstory at all. It’s a preview of what’s coming soon from Nickantony Quach, who is on the front row witnessing the birth of a global leader: Norman D. Baker!

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