Mack, Chris & Cameron

After a long day touring around the town, riding the bicycle up college hill was not an easy feast for the three friends Mack (left), Chris (center), and Cameron (right). Halfway up the hill, they decided to crash on the front lawn of North Hall, the newest RISD dorm on Waterman Street, for a smoke break. Minutes later, they were discovered by Ri4CTV and the filming took place for the video Mack, Chris & Cameron, which is Episode 1 in Season 26 of the YouTube series NDBaker93. In the video, they give us a foretaste of their music. As it turned out, Mack and Chris are members of a music group whereas Cameron is a member of another music group.

Two days after their first encounter, Cameron and Nickantony met again for a more meaningful conversation. The following video is the first episode in a new series as the result of the meeting.


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