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YoutubePVD is a content-creation service provided by the YouTube channel Ri4CTV. This service is free of charge to students anywhere. It is also free of charge to residents of Rhode Island. Standing behind both YoutubePVD and Ri4CTV are Nickantony Quach (left), Founder of Ri4CTV, and Norman D. Baker (right), Primary Host of NDBaker93, which is a daily show on Ri4CTV.

Cam Farias along with his friends Mack and Chris, as shown in this photo here, were discovered by Ri4CTV on May 16th, during the Reopening of Rhode Island. On that day, after a long day touring around the town, riding the bicycle up college hill was not an easy feast for the three friends. Halfway up the hill, they decided to crash on the front lawn of North Hall, the newest RISD dorm on Waterman Street, for a smoke break. Minutes later, they were unexpectedly discovered by Ri4CTV and the filming took place for the video Mack, Chris & Cameron, which is Episode 1 in Season 26 of the YouTube series NDBaker93; see Video Zero below. Behind the camera was Nickantony Quach. In the video, they give us a foretaste of their talents in music. As it turned out, Mack and Chris are members of a music group whereas Cameron is a member of another music group.

#CamFarias was so impressed with the video that he hit the cameraman up two days later. Farias wanted to formally introduce himself to viewers of Ri4CTV as he was prepared to rap thereby. However, unbeknownst to him, with Nickantony Quach behind the camera, YoutubePVD sprung into action. The result is the first three episodes in Season 27 of the YouTube series NDBaker93; see below: Video 1, Video 2, and Video 3.

Video 3 is the video The Art of Not Fighting, which is Episode 3 in Season 27 of NDBaker93. In this video, you will discover Farias’ love for Bruce Lee. In the video, you will learn from Farias the art of fighting without fighting. Watch the video. If you like the art of fighting without fighting, you’d love YoutubePVD as the art of telling your personal story without you intentionally and thus awkwardly doing the storytelling.

Unbeknownst to Farias, YoutubePVD sprung into action and told the story of #CamFarias without him doing the storytelling. YoutubePVD is all about telling your story without you doing it intentionally and thus awkwardly. YoutubePVD is all about telling your personal story with total grace. #CamFarias is by far not its first rodeo.

On October 4th, 2019, YoutubePVD sprung into action when Norman D. Baker spent six hours talking to Nickantony Quach on camera. The result of their conversation was the first 21 episodes in Season 1 of the YouTube series NDBaker93, named after Norman’s email name. Could you guess his birth year?

Watch Season 27 to learn more about #CamFarias and see how YoutubePVD works.

Do you know #CamFarias? Would you like to help tell a bigger story of #CamFarias? If so, please let Nickantony Quach know. Click here for his contact information.

Click here and contact Nickantony Quach if you want to let YoutubePVD tell your personal story on Ri4CTV.


Extended Story

“Hey Nick,” said Hailey Cote (pictured, right), I have a “question about motivation and about opportunity.”

“How close are the two concepts to each other?” Asked Hailey on May 25th.

Nickantony Quach did not answer the question when he first saw it from Hailey via texting. He did not even acknowledge the question when he took this photo here of her and their mutual friend Norman D. Baker on the next day. He decided to do some research ahead of time as answering the question is a rare opportunity to exhibit the power of Thumoslang and thus its architecture for social logic. Hailey’s question gave Nick a rare motivation to write this long article hereby demonstrating numerous ideas as presented by Thumoslang.

Based on the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, Thumoslang is the nomenclature for social life. You’re forgiven if you haven’t heard of it as it has just been discovered, only a year before the appearance of Covid19. Using Thumoslang, you could change the life of a teenager in three sentences. The teenager is Charbel Hachem and the three sentences are presented to Farias in the video Cam Farias – Real Things No BS, which is Episode 2 in Season 27 of NDBaker93, produced and released during the pandemic.

The three sentences are expressed in Thumoslang syntax, which is demonstrated by the following bullet. Each is generically referred to as a thumbnail definition. Here is an example.

  • Proposal; that means, presentation for consideration.

To understand the above, consider the following:

Thumoslang is a collection of one thousand ideas, each of which is expressed as a thumbnail definition in Thumoslang syntax. It’s hard to image how powerful the previous sentence is until you consider the following thumbnail:

  • Idea; that means, action proposal.

This should make you want to consider a long pause the next time you have the urge to express your own idea in a hurry. Would it make others want to spring into action? If not, your presentation might not be purposeful enough. Worse, you might have a notion instead of an idea. Thumoslang gives us the power of reasoning in social settings because each and every thumbnail definition makes people want to spring into action.

Under Construction

The following text has not been fully settled. Revision should be expected.

[This section is still under construction. Nick is still thinking about how best to finish writing this article.]

Coming Soon

To answer Hailey’s question, consider the following:

How close are the two concepts, motivation and opportunity, to each other? The answer is coming soon!

Video Zero – Mack, Chris & Cameron

Video 1 – Two Days After Our First Encounter

Video 2 – Cam Farias – Real Things No BS!

Video 3 – The Art of Not Fighting

Let YoutubePVD tell your personal story on Ri4CTV


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