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We are the class of 2020 in Rhode Island. That means, we are residents of Rhode Island and we graduated high school and college during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, we never actually had the opportunity to graduate in the traditional sense. The final months of the school year, when we would have otherwise been enjoying the peak of our time in high school, was instead spent attempting to re-capture that happiness through the screens of our phones. This summer, we can fix that. Thanks to our social-distancing situation, we have to be totally united in order to get the graduation we deserve while facing challenges of our time. High school and college graduates from the class of 2020 who live in Rhode Island are all invited to give a timeless speech on Ri4CTV, a YouTube channel based in Providence.


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Graduation Moments

Let @Ri4CTV put your timeless speech, your graduation moment on YouTube. @Ri4CTV produced the following video for Olivia Williams, a 2020 graduate of Classical High. This service is free of charge to all 2020 graduates in Rhode Island. Click here to contact @Ri4CTV via Instagram for further information.

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